Let's Work Together!

This is a special election. Tuesday, August 6th. Early voting starts on July 30

I am an advocate for good and a bridge builder. We all have similar needs. We all want our idea of the American dream. Please allow me to help so we all share in success.

To all of my supporters, you have given me the confirmation that public service is what I have been called to do. I look forward to working with each of you to improve the place we call home.

  • Proven Leadership. I was appointed Commissioner of the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission by Governor Mike Beebe. While there, I protected the interest of men and women who were injured while working for their employer. I provided oversight for a $20 million budget and a $100 million trust fund.
    Prior to joining the Commission, I was the Principal at Philip Hood and Associates Insurance and Investments. I helped families in central Arkansas for more than a decade with insurance and financial needs while maintaining a profitable business.
  • Public Servant. For years I have mentored youth groups. I work with organizations that provide scholarships to young men and women who want to attend college. Since college is not for everyone, I also work with labor organizations that are able to help people get a trade through an apprentice program.
    I also work with an organization that provides treatment for substance abuse. In addition to the substance abuse treatment, programs are provided to help reintegrate them into the workforce.
  • Proud Neighbor. I am a proud resident of District 36. I do not believe a person has to qualify for dignity and everyone equally deserves to be treated with respect. My life has been filled with fights for noble causes. I believe our greatest resource is the human resource. The people of Arkansas are worth the fight.

Let's work together.

If you would like to make a donation by mail, please send your check and information to P.O. Box 2012, Little Rock, AR 72203.

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